The NHL on NBC Promo

The NHL has been criticized in the past about it's handshake deal with NBC. It has been widely rumoured that the station doesn't pay a dime for the rights to broadcast NHL games. And yet when it comes to calling the shots on start times for playoff games...NBC seemingly pulls rank on CBC. CBC only pays millions of dollars for the exact same rights here in Canada.

You can't blame a Canadian hockey fan for feeling like the proverbial boyfriend who's girlfriend is constantly flirting with the guy with Pearl Jam tickets (I swear this didn't happen to me....more than once). So you can imagine my shock when NBC asked Down Goes Brown and I to create an ad they planned to run in the US to educate their fans on the Canadian hockey teams.

Ummmm...let's just say the idea sort of runs off the rails at a certain point. And that's just the beginning.

Btw...if you're not reading Down Goes Brown at this point I can only assume you've hit your bandwith limit with your internet provider.

EXCEED YOUR's worth it.