The Time They are A Changing

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Jeff (Bloge Salming)

The Matt Cooke Show

Matt Cooke has struck more people than the ebola virus.

So why wouldn't he get his own show?

A Strange New Ad Campaign

I was watching tv last night and I noticed that a commercial for the movie "The Loser" looked a little different than I remembered. I'm not sure if I get where the marketing team was going with this one...

Take a look.

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Tuesday Prospect Report: Keith Aulie

Gus Katsaros and I have made it to week 8 and this week we look at recently acquired defenceman Keith Aulie.

How Far Will Burke Go To Deal A Defenceman?

You can't say the Leafs have remained silent over the playoffs. With today's signing of Jussi Whatchmacallem Brian Burke has proved that although the Leafs have failed to make into the post season again this year they refuse to stand still and keep the status quo.

But what else does Brian Burke have cooking? Well thanks to Bloge Salming and his illegal wiretaps...we know to what length Burke will go to seal a potential deal.

Tuesday Prospect Report: Tyler Bozak

Better late than never...our Prospect Report brings us Tyler Bozak.


Odds and Ends

I've been really busy the last few months and have neglected to mention some of the changes that Bloge Salming has gone through since the blog started in September.

  • You may have noticed back in November that the blog added "The Score" banner at the top. I joined the The Score's Sports Federation and have enjoyed a great working relationship with them since. If you have free moment go and check out the other blogs on the rotation or go to the Score itself.

  • I have also teamed up with Sports Jersey Canada as they have become a sponser on the videos themselves. If you are looking for a great deal on sports jerseys please go have a look. Ask for Phil and tell him Bloge sent you.

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    Bloge Salming