History Was Made To Be Forgotten...

Last weekend was the debut of the 2010 NHL Playoff commercials, and so far they have been off to a very solid start. Much has been talked and written about the classic look and feel of the spots.

Here are the first two:

"What if Bobby didn't fly?"

And number 2 is "What if Mario wasn't so super?"

There has been much speculation as to what events the next 4 spots will be about. A rumour spreading is that the commercials will focus on Ray Bourque winning the Cup, Patrick Roy winning the cup in his rookie year, Steve Yzerman's overtime goal winning slapshot and Mark Messier's cup winning guarantee. A much smaller debate has been growing over what media outlet should be the one to showcase the next two commercials. Will it be CBC again? Or perhaps NBC? Maybe it will be a plucky blog in it's first year of existence that gets the nod...

I'm gonna go with the last one.

Without furthur ado....Bloge Salming and General Borschevsky bring you the next 2 2010 NHL Playoff Commercials.

A huge pat on the back to fellow Barilkosphere member General Borschevsky who is responsible for this initial video idea. I hear visiting his blog cures cancer. Okay...that can't exactly be proven but can it be unproven?