Top 10 Moments of the 2008-09 Season

With roughly 48 hours until opening night I thought it would be a good idea to set up the new looking at last years top 10 moments.

Ummm...ok. Here we go.

Number #10
Doug Gilmour Night

I just needed a reason to post this video.

Number #9
Ron Wilson bitch slaps Howard Berger

1:30 - 2:42

The most anticipated fight since Ali/Frasier.

Ok...maybe Leeman/Savard. You know what I mean.

Number #8
Brian Burke comes aboard.

Ahahaha...I often wonder if Bryan Murray looked around after that exchange and expected Ashton Kutcher to turn the corner. "You've been PUNKED!"

Number #7
Grabovski/Kostitsyn and Grabovski/linesman

I love the "Nixon" at the end.

Number #6
Mark Bell on Daniel Alfredsson

Wait...what?? This didn't happen last year? Really???

Oh, well. It's posted now. I'm really lazy, so i'll just leave it.

Number #5
Drafting Nazem Kadri

I especially loved when the people who passed a gall stone when the Leafs drafted Kadri are the same ones who now claim the Leafs can't make the playoffs without him.

Number #4
Signing Jonas Gustavsson

Shoring up the Leafs goaltending was a priority this past off-season. If the first 3periods of Gustavsson's career are any indication then Burke and co. hit a homerun.

Number #3
Wendel Clark Night

Wendel Clark can kill two stones with one bird.

Number #2
Luke Schenn destroys Evgeni Malkin then eats Tyler Kennedy.

I'm not kidding. He literally ate Kennedy. Look at Pittsburgh's lineup this year. He's not even there.

Number #1
Nik Hagman Goal

Ok so it's the Panthers, which diminishes the "wow" a little bit, but the Leafs weren't exactly the '85 Oilers last year.

Stay truculant.