The Myth of Wendel Clark and Bob Probert.

There has been a long standing rumour that Wendel Clark never fared well in his fights with Bob Probert. I don't know where it started but I will attempt to destroy this myth today.

Evidence #1
December 27, 1986

Merry f'in christmas! Wendel rings in the New Year by ringing Probert's bell in repeated fashion. My favourite part of this video is Probert's face when he gets obvious bi-product of cocaine/vodka/hookers.

Evidence #2
December 9, 1992 these guys believe in christmas spirit or what?

This fight comes after Probert's much publicized return to Canada for drug possession charges. Wendel welcomes him home.

So I think I've gone a long way in disspelling this horrible myth.

Stay truculant.